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In 2023 All You Need To Know About Floor Coating

Floor coating is a popular and practical solution for enhancing the appearance and durability of various types of floors. In 2023, floor coating continues to be a widely used technique in both residential and commercial settings. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of

In 2023 How You Can Easily Refinish Hardwood Floors

Refinishing hardwood floors is an effective way to extend their lifespan. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to refinish hardwood floors in 2023: Prepare the area: Clear the room of any furniture, rugs, and other items. Cover doorways with plastic sheets to prevent dust from

Why Should You Choose Superior Performance, Service, and Support?

If you are an industrial finisher – whether it be finished products, pre-finished parts, or on-site applied coatings, anywhere from windows and doors to furniture and floors – there are business and operational matters you address on a daily basis. Is Your Coating “Good Enough”?  Certainly,

Industrial Wood Coatings

Wood Coatings Wood furniture or flooring made of pine, oak, mahogany, cherry and other types of woods add rich colors and glossy surfaces to any home. Wood surfaces also usually need protection from light, water and potential damage from everyday use. That is where wood coatings


GreenLight Coatings® offers a comprehensive line of Wood Coatings that meet or exceed quality currently found when using conventional solvent finishes! GreenLight Coatings® provide for complete wood surface preparation and top coating, to present the full quality and beauty that only real wood can provide. All of the

Why Coat, Not Paint?

Whether you live in a hot climate or a cold climate you will have come across both exterior paints and exterior coats marketed as a solution to protect your home. Similarly, there can be significant price differences when going with either option. Coats generally tend to

Introducing Our New, UV LED System from AMS Spectral

We’re excited to announce that our brand-new AMS Spectral UV LED cure system is now installed in our R&D lab!  This machine can effectively cure flat and 3D surfaces with 100% UV curable and waterborne-UV curable coatings. This includes flooring, architectural moldings and millwork, doors, and

“One and Done” Syndrome

Greenlight coatings have previously written about the “Chemechanics” concept, where optimum results are achieved by the proper integration of the chemistry of coating with the mechanics of the process.  Today’s blog examines Chemechanics in a broader scope with the involvement of the human factor, one that

Peeling is Not Appealing: How Chemechanics Can Put an End to Adhesion Failure

Nothing ruins a final project quicker than experiencing paint adhesion failure due to the wrong coating being used. Luckily, we’ve seen this a lot with our customers and we know exactly how to solve this problem — Application Specific Advanced Coatings™ (ASAC™)! Did you know that

Need to Finish Your Exterior Surface? We’ve Got a Coating For That!

Spring is finally here – even up here in chilly Duluth, MN – which means people are investing time and money into refinishing their homes and decks.  As anyone with a log home or deck knows, consistent maintenance is critical to preserving the look and durability