GreenLight Coatings® for Furniture:
Where Strength and Beauty Unite

Some of the toughest challenges that wood finishes face is in furniture applications. Exposure to repeated wear or scratches, heat, and moisture each can detract from the functionality and the beauty of the piece. Learning about the environment, use and exposure help to form the basis for a wood coating that will provide lasting performance and beauty.

* Consistent and repeatable color & gloss – quality tested and lab-confirmed on every order
* Predictability with every order = less rework and downtime
* Great fill and leveling for flawless finishes
* Consistency in viscosity and finish build
* Excellent water resistance, chemical resistance, and scratch resistance
* Currently serving major furniture manufacturers providing a variety of paints, stains, and ultra-clear and durable topcoat options

Finishes to fit the performance and aesthetic needs of your product and your process, not the other way around.