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We’ve Got Great Chemistry

Van Technologies  is dedicated to the development and manufacture of environmentally compliant coatings. With our experienced staff of chemists and technicians, we are well equipped to support product development and existing product improvement projects.

We do not offer “off the shelf” finishes, we provide results. Great Chemistry is more than just better science, it’ show we work with our customers to provide solutions that differentiate your business, enhance your production and safety, and improve profitability.



Initially established as an R&D company, our experienced staff of chemists, engineers and technicians work with our clients to provide custom engineered industrial coating solutions that start in our labs and continue to your manufacturing facility.


Value starts with reliable performance. We work with you to provide a solution that matches your company’s goals and enhances the profitability of your business.


By integrating people, process and chemistry we are able to engineer a formulation that when combined with our experienced technical support provides more than just a beautiful and effective finish it provides results that will help your business prosper.


Recent News

“Working with Greenlight Coatings® has been an essential element in our company’s success. Previous finish suppliers could not contribute the amount of support and knowledge we continue to receive from Greenlight Coatings® to improve our quality and productivity. Formerly, we had worked with a few different major finish suppliers but the products from Greenlight Coatings® have an undeniably superior performance. Not only were they courteous in providing hands on support during testing and transitional phases of new products, but they also take pride in maintaining a friendly rapport with individualized customer service.”

K.S. – Managing Partner CEO

We partnered with Van Technologies to develop a finish that was specific for our application. Our finishes need to look great, but they also need to meet specific performance characteristics and to comply with certification standards for industry and environmental organizations. Not only did we get the results that we were looking for, we were able to reduce manufacturing related expenditures and labor costs. We get a consistent product that looks great and works perfect for our operation, and our bottom line.

J-S Excutive

“The entire staff at Van Technologies genuinely care about the performance of their coatings. For them it’s about making your finishing system work, not about selling commodity product.”

Operations Manager G. L.

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