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25% of the manufacturing cost is in finishing, but it can increase the value of the finished product by 50% or more.

Digital Information World, August 2013

The finish is the last step in your manufacturing process and the first attribute that consumers notice, it has the ability to compliment or contaminate design, to impress or suppress client interest and provide a variety of options to enhance product performance, the marketing and the manufacturing of your product.

We are all looking for a way to make an impact on our business – to make your product better, to offer your customers a competitive advantage, and also to make improvements to your manufacturing process that saves labor, time and material costs.  Finishes designed for your product, for your process, and for your people take away the unpredictable and unreliable aspects out of your finishing process –  look no further than your finish.

Let’s explore what goes into a quality finish


Van Technologies, Inc. and the GreenLight Coating® Brand was started in 1991. As pioneers in waterborne and UV curable technology, we continue to offer innovation and solutions for our clients. We are a dedicated group of chemists, biologists and polymer scientists with a passion for environmentally compliant, high-performance coatings that are designed for appearance and performance.  We also extend our experience to our technical field support to ensure excellence in application and manufacturing efficiency.


Learning about your business and your unique challenges is where the process begins. We start by listening. We are building more than a great finish, we are building a partnership that will evolve and grow as your company evolves and grows. We have been instrumental in providing solutions that enhance in the areas of aesthetics, performance, process and innovation.


We solve problems for companies, and a great many of our clients have come to us for that very reason.  We have a seasoned team of chemists, biologists and polymer scientists that have created solutions for fortune 500 companies, international interests and government agencies.  Our Application Specific Advanced Coatings® are active in a variety of industries and applications – each one unique to satisfy the specific challenges and opportunities our clients face.  See what’s possible – let’s start a conversation.


The value of the inputs usually influences the value of the output.  We have built our company on paying attention to the quality of our inputs:  knowlege, experience, materials and training.  It takes more than just great ingredients to make a great product, it is in the evaluation, modeling, testing and overall culture of how we go about our business that leads to excellence.  Fast talk and fillers are the dominant components in the price game.   Our brand of quality focuses on performance and value, and when considering the true cost of your finishing operations which include materials, labor, speed/efficiency, rework and downtime we have provided not only a better finish, but enhanced profitability for our clients.


How do we know our coatings are going to work? It’s simple, we test them. Each of our finishes undergoes a rigorous evaluation process before leaving our facility. Color, Gloss, Viscosity and Cure are all measured and recorded. Coatings are then applied and cured in the manner in which the client uses them to make sure they will perform as designed. Comparisons are made between the last batch and original retains to ensure consistency. Repeatable, Predictable, Reliable – Every Time.


A coating solution isn’t complete until it is applied by your people in your facility. We work very hard to engineer and manufacture our finishes, to provide excellence. That excellence is also conveyed in our training and field technical support. From manual to fully automated, varying application and curing types, we have the experience to provide guidance and technique to train and assist your production team. Rooted in safety and driven by performance, we work to maximize the potential, to obtain the desired result in both appearance and efficiency.


Our first priority is our customers, not a stock price. Our organization is designed to provide communication and service – through all levels of our management, sales, lab & technical, manufacturing, shipping and field technical staff. Working as one we can respond to your needs to provide answers and results. Innovation, accountability and the ability to be nimble allows us to serve the needs both current and future of our clients to help foster their advancement and growth. Our success is derived directly from the success of our clients.

We strive to supply solutions and results.  Products and manufacturing processes that perform better are our shared goals, for we know that if you are successful, we will be too!  Try our live chat feature during standard business hours and let’s start a conversation.