Why Coat, Not Paint?

Whether you live in a hot climate or a cold climate you will have come across both exterior paints and exterior coats marketed as a solution to protect your home. Similarly, there can be significant price differences when going with either option. Coats generally tend to be a bit pricier but paints that claim to protect your home against natural elements can also be quite expensive. So what should you choose for your next home renovation?

The purpose of paint, in nearly any application, is to improve the aesthetics of something. Whether that is a car, furniture, or in this case, the exterior of your home. Even though some paints are marketed as being protective and manufacturers claim that they are waterproof, they aren’t as effective as a proper sealant if waterproofing is what you need. In reality, there are different products very every aspect of protection. If you are looking for anti-fungal protection because you are in a humid environment then you should choose something that is a specialist solution for that particular job. At the end of the day, paint is always going to primarily be a decorative item.

Coating, as the name implies does not have an intrinsic property. Rather, you can get different kinds of coatings that serve different purposes. For instance, varnish is a coating that protects wood, the fact that it also gives a good shine is a side effect while the primary purpose is to glaze the wooden surface with a protective layer. Similarly, when it comes to the exterior of your home you can find different coatings that will serve different purposes. You can even find coating for color retention which will come in handy if you want to preserve the color of that expensive paint job you have had done. If you are looking for something that will waterproof the walls, will help the breathability of the structure, will make it easier to clean, or be anti-microbial, there are specific coatings that you can get for that purpose.
It boils down to what your exact needs are and what your situation demands. For the best solution, you could go for a protective coating that will preserve the structure of the wall and then have it done with a paint that is aesthetically appealing. This will not only help preserve the walls but will also help the paint last longer. Consider this an investment as a well-thought-out coating and paint job will last much longer than only a coat or only paint.

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