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Van Technologies via GreenLight Coatings® is dedicated to assisting industry in the technology of environmentally compliant coating formulation and manufacture. Whether you require aid with Research and Development or Manufacturing, you will find Van Technologies, Inc. a valuable resource to enhance your productivity. Since our inception in 1992, we have drawn on our wide range of knowledge and experience in formulation, experimentation, and analysis of organic compositions to assist many different companies with coating development and production. Our customer base continues to expand internationally as the industry becomes ever more aware of our unique approach to coating technology.

Windows & Doors

We work with major window, door and component manufacturers to supply coating solutions that offer durability, performance and distinction and support the standards required for compliance with the leading environmental and industry organizations. 




Cabinets & Casework

Our finishes support the standards required for compliance with the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association and with the leading environmental organizations. We offer a wide selection of waterborne, UV and waterborne + UV finishes.


A beautiful finish not only enhances design it draws in the customer, it is one of the last steps in the manufacturing process, and the first thing seen on the retail floor. Make a lasting impression with a finish that lasts – we will custom engineer a coating that offers the performance, the durability and the beauty that gets noticed in the front office, on the manufacturing floor and the showroom floor.

& Paneling

Nothing brings warmth to your interior design like wood. Promote the natural character and beauty that wood has to offer and protect it with a finish that will provide lasting durability. Combined with the manufacturing efficiencies that come with our application specific custom formulations, you receive a better finish that is better for your business!

Architectural Molding & Millwork

Whether you are finishing a new project or the next installment on a larger project – consistency is important. Providing your clients matched quality, color and gloss starts from consistency with your coating. We provide consistent, predictable and reliable results so that you can provide those same qualities to your customers.


To protect your natural wood exteriors from the harmful effects of moisture and the sun, you need a finish that works with the natural characteristics of the wood.

Anatomy of a Quality Finish

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Going Green