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Van Technologies, Inc

Van Technologies is a manufacturer of custom engineered industrial “Green” coatings with technical leadership in Waterborne and UV curable compositions currently sold under the GreenLight Coatings® brand name.

Van Technologies was initially established in 1991 as an R&D company. As the demand for Application Specific Advanced Coatings (ASAC) grew, our experienced staff of chemists, engineers and technicians started to work as a team, with our clients, to produce and manufacture a custom engineered industrial coating solution that targets each individual clients’ specific needs.

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Creating a partnership with our clients to produce high performance finishes for every industry from wood to metal and glass to plastics, is not the only service we can provide! We can work one on one with you to provide a solution that is custom engineered to your existing finishing line equipment, and even enhance the profitability of your business by saving in operational and finishing costs. By integrating people, process and chemistry we are able to engineer a formulation, that when combined with our experienced technical support, provides more than just a beautiful and effective finish – it provides results that will help your business prosper. From our lab to your finishing line, Van Technologies customer support is second to none.

Whether you are looking for help to fix coating issues or failures, save money, increase performance, meet performance standards or regulatory compliance, or just stand out from the competition, Van Technologies has the technology and solution for you! We can partner with you to integrate one of our existing high-performance coatings systems, or by developing a system custom tailored to your industrial needs.

Company Vision & Mission

Our vision is to become a financially successful, environmentally responsible organization that contributes to the wellness and happiness of its employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, and community neighbors.

Our mission is to be the preferred supplier of innovative performance coating solutions using environmentally conscious practices in profitable partnership with our customers.


1991 – Established in Duluth, Minnesota by Lawrence Van Iseghem as a consulting and R&D service organization for the coatings industry

1993 – Manufactured specialty, proprietary industrial coatings to support respective accounts

1994 thru 1995 – Contracted by the Univ. MN-Duluth (NRRI) to develop non-exclusive wood coatings for regional wood manufacturers

1999 – 2000 – Redesigned Van Technologies and its Corporate Mission/Vision and developed a Strategic Business Plan to focus on the Manufacture and Sales of Performance Industrial Coatings

2000 – Working 1 on 1 with industrial coaters and finishers to enable the transition to the compliant technologies of Waterborne and UV Curable Coatings

2008 – Present – Introduced the product brand name, “GreenLight Coatings®” to best present the environmental consciousness of the company in synergy with its technical expertise.

2019 – Installation of a state-of-the-art water treatment system to continue to do our part in environmental responsibility in both “how” we manufacturer as well as “what” we manufacturer.

Our Staff

Lawrence (Larry) Van Iseghem

Founder, President/CEO

Phone: 218.525.9424  

Larry is the founder, President/CEO of Van Technologies which commercializes superior “green” technologies under the brand name, GreenLight Coatings® . He formerly held leadership positions with industrial coating and coating manufacturing companies where he was responsible for new product development, quality assurance/quality control, and technical support functions. Larry is the author and co-author of seven patents and has published technical articles in the fields of waterborne and radiation cured systems. He is a former adjunct professor of chemistry at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, and holds an advanced degree in polymer science & engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Teresa Donahue

Laboratory & Technical Manager

Phone: 218.525.9424

Teresa has a long history with the company, with her journey beginning in 1994. She has played a major role in the development of a vast majority of the products offered. She leads the lab effort and is responsible for new product development and existing product improvement.  She also coordinates the quality, safety, and health initiatives for Van Technologies. She holds a chemistry degree from the University of Minnesota – Duluth.

Clint Van Iseghem

Field Technical Services Manager

Phone: 763.442.7891  

Clint serves as a field technical representative for all GreenLight Coatings® products.  Suffice it to say, if there is a method of application of coatings, Clint has the expertise to share.  Clint is always prepared to travel nationwide and to international locations to provide onsite service and support.

Greg Takes

Manufacturing Manager

Phone: 218.525.9424   

With over 30 years of leadership in manufacturing, Greg’s experience in applying lean principles to optimize manufacturing performance while maintaining our strict quality and service protocol have proven critical as we continue to grow.  Greg received his degree in Business Management from UNI, he has built a successful career in the Industry with a reputation for uniting his team with a focus on safety, quality, and efficiency.