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Better Chemistry Starts Here With Advanced Coating Solution

There are many factors that impact the appearance and performance of a coating.  Better Chemistry Starts Here with our Application Specific Advanced Coatings® which are engineered to address each variable and to provide a coating solution and the training and service necessary to achieve, and repeat, the application with your people in your facility.  Better Chemistry is more than just good science, it is the synergy that comes from our teams in manufacturing, logistics, laboratory and field services working with your organization to achieve your product goals and create manufacturing efficiencies that enhance profitability.

Where to begin? Here are some points to consider:

* First, what does the finish need to do, how should it be applied, and how should it look? The applied, dried and/or cured finish must conform to any customer-specific performance criteria, tolerances and specifications.

* Second, how familiar with the finishing process are those responsible for the application of the finish? This is very important as a low degree of experience will require more training and instruction in finishing methods.

The good news is that we enjoy working with process development, installation and/or expansion of various finishing operations.  One of our most important responsibilities, however, is to effectively communicate that the installation of a finishing line does not represent a “plug and play” or “turn the switch on and run” scenario. There are always a number of obstacles to overcome and we do this by forming an excellent partnership with the customer.  Through teamwork, the ultimate success is achieved.

The process begins with a series of meetings detailing the type of products to be finished, the finish performance criteria or specifications, the volume or surface area to be finished over specific time intervals, the cost targets, and the need for environmental compliance.  It really comes down to People, Process and Chemistry.


Therefore, the finishing process is not trivial and involves many moving parts to achieve quality results.  Feel free to contact us to review your future finishing process needs.