Capabilities to Serve & Support Your Business

Van Technologies operates within two essential buildings one of which houses the manufacturing operations and the other, office and laboratory facilities.

The manufacturing operations have the capability of producing virtually any volume of coating required by the customer.  With a staff of chemists and technicians, the laboratory is well equipped to support product development and existing product improvement projects (we always look for opportunities to better our products).

The laboratory includes a wide variety of equipment for materials analysis, quality control, coating application, mixing, blending, dispersion, and for a wide range of physical property testing.  Current operations support customers of various sizes and products are made to order with packaging sizes that typically are in gallon, 5-gallon, drum, and tote units. Logistics are facilitated by regional, national, and international common carriers and cartage companies.

All GreenLight Coatings® products are developed/engineered using statistical experimental design to specifically conform to customer originated specifications. This assures that they are representative of the latest in the state-of-the-art for “Green” alternatives to conventional coatings and will conform to regulatory actions and global situations.

GreenLight Coatings®

Products offer unparalleled:

    • Customization
    • Performance
    • Service

Customers receive:

    • Productivity
    • Predictability
    • Reliability
    • Cost-effectiveness

If there is a method of application of coatings, we have the expertise to share.  We work with all the major application and curing equipment suppliers as well as with custom engineered systems:

* Spray / Mist
* Vacuum
* Roll
* Flow
* Curtain

We are experienced with all levels of automation from manual techniques to highly technical automated lines, we adjust fluid and atomization levels so as to deliver the specified wet mil thickness in a highly uniform matter so that you can run efficiently and your finish lays out beautifully.

Curing & Drying Operations:  Through thermal profiling, we analyze and work with you to adjust airflow, temperature and line speed to give you the most efficient cure/dry.  We have over 30 years experience in working with UV products and we can help you to select and position the curing lamps and to adjust all the variables that impact your finish quality.

We have performed 1000’s of color matches. Experience plays a tremendous role in assuring that color sought is the color delivered, but what plays an even larger role are the quality control practices that we employ with each batch we manufacture.

Our quality control process confirms all aspects of color by actually testing your batch by applying and curing in the same manner that is used in your process. We analyze the color using state of the art equipment and by visual comparison. We perform drawdown analysis where we also confirm the gloss and film appearance.

We library retains from each batch that we produce for you, and those draw-downs are also compared to your master retain, as well as to batches that we previously produced – that way you know your color will be consistent, repeatable and predictable.

Our lab features all the latest technology available in electronic and visual color analysis and we adhere to tight tolerances, exceeding industry standards. We pay attention to more than just the color, but also how changes in a color formula can impact adhesion, chemical resistance, cure conditions and curing speeds, gloss, and viscosity.

Selecting the right finish and the right process to apply those finishes can be daunting. Van Technologies, Inc. started its business nearly 30 years ago as a consulting firm, we not only designed and engineered the custom formations, we supplied insight through experience to guide our clients in equipment and process flow decisions. We do not sell equipment, but we are well connected with all the major equipment suppliers and knowledgeable of the workings of their systems. Our focus is on working within your guidelines to get you the best finish possible, a system that serves your current needs and takes into consideration your needs for the future. Benefit from our experience.

One of the key benefits of our Application Specific Advanced Coating® (ASAC®) Technology is our ability to custom engineer our finishes to the specifications that you require.  Whether it is an industry or environmental organization, we have consistently proven performance in providing finishes that meet the specifications for compliance with a number of recognized programs.  Making finishes that serve your business needs today and in the future:  performance, aesthetics, marketing, environmental & manufacturing.

The true cost of your finishing operations goes much deeper than the cost/gallon of the finish you are applying. Consideration of all aspects of your finishing operation is where the true cost and the true value is determined:
* Transfer Efficiency
* Rework
* Downtime
* Labor</li>
* Finish Build / mil thickness
* Hide and coverage
* Line speed
* Cure time
* Ability to recycle
GreenLight  Coatings engineers coatings for performance on your product as well as for performance in your manufacturing environment. We have helped many operations save as much as 20% in their overall finishing costs. Efficient, consistent, reliable and predictable performance brings value at all levels of your business. Allow us to conduct a review of your finishing operation to see how we can help you achieve more.

In-depth knowledge of the properties of our finishes naturally leads to an understanding and insight into the development of a process that would support the application of those finishes.  Our approach to development factors in all aspects of design, whether an existing process is in place or not.  When we are not restricted, it allows our development team to design to your product needs, budgetary needs, and manufacturing needs including restrictions with space or curing speeds.  All aspects are factored into our design, allowing you to make decisions that will serve your business and your growth.


Having the best finish doesn't do you any good unless it looks good when it is applied by your team to your products.  Equally important in our developmental process is the role of training and safety.  Our field service technicians are hands-on and on location to train your team in the safe handling and use of our finishes.  We provide all the paperwork required to satisfy workplace safety requirements and we will work side by side with your team to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the most from your finishing operations so that the quality of the finishes that we develop in our labs matches the quality your customers will enjoy.