Metal Coatings

Beyond Green Metal Coatings that Actually Perform

GreenLight Coatings® offers a specialized Metal Coatings that meet or exceed quality currently found when using conventional solvent-borne coatings.GreenLight Coatings® require complete degreasing and surface preparation prior to coating application.

Modifications to the available formulations are possible to accommodate virtually any type of application from spray, brush, gravure roll, direct and reverse roll, flow coat, curtain, vacuum to many other methods as well.

Although the GreenLight Coatings® coatings are commonly disposed of according to standard waste disposal procedures, it is suggested that consultation with local sanitary disposal authorities be done to make sure all disposal requirements are met. The use of GreenLight Coatings® result in operations that are healthier to the employees and the environment!

Coatings are available, but not limited to, for the following applications:

* Steel
* Aluminum
* Copper/Brass
* Lead
* Gold & Silver

Applications Include:

* Coil Coatings for Appliance Surfaces
* Fixtures
* Finstock for Air Conditioners and Heat Exchangers
* Corrosion Resistant Coatings
* Pipe Coatings
* Nameplates
* Industrial Equipment

Made Possible by Exclusive ASAC® technology

Ultra-Low V.O.C./H.A.P. – Meet today’s “Green” and Environmental Sustainability!

* Reportedly the best quality coatings on the market
* Quality meeting or exceeding that of solvent finishes
* Advanced technical support service enabling the transition from traditional to compliant finishing systems
* Customized product to fit specific requirements via * ASAC® Technology
* Efficient and simple application with excellent transfer efficiency
* Low gloss/high gloss capabilities

* Lower insurance premiums and fewer claims
* Fewer workers compensation claims
* Reduced emissions and costs for disposal of hazardous waste
* Reduced labor due to fewer coats needed with our products
* Safety Issues
* Reduced odor
* No hazardous material waste
* Low VOC and HAP content
* Better employee health and safety
* Non-flammable

* Healthier plant and process
* Improved employee morale
* Greater process efficiency
* Easier clean-up (often just soap and water)
* Reduced shipping and handling costs
* Fewer surprises upon inspection by OSHA

Our exclusive ASAC® Technology has enabled the development of high performance Waterborne & UV Curable Coatings for Metal Surfaces that provide exceptional finish appearance with excellent adhesion.