Exterior Siding

GreenLight Coatings® for Exterior Siding: Real Protection on Real Wood

To protect your natural wood exteriors from the harmful effects of moisture and the sun, you need a finish that works with the natural characteristics of the wood.

Our line of Rustic Exterior Finishes are environmentally compliant waterborne coatings engineered to both compliment and protect the wood by blocking UV rays and preventing moisture from accessing the wood. When properly applied the GreenLight Rustic Exterior Finish will offer years of maintenance-free performance and provide a finish that stays “looking new.”

The GreenLight Rustic Exterior Finish is VOC-free for the ultimate in environmental compliance and is offered in a semi-transparent finish to allow the beauty of the natural characteristics of the wood to shine through. We offer seven semi-transparent exterior wood finishes that provide exceptional beauty, performance, and UV protection.


3-Coat System

The base coat seals the wood to protect it from harmful UV Rays and damage from moisture. It not only promotes dimensional stability, it also provides an excellent surface for topcoat applications. We then apply two layers of the topcoat to fortify the UV resistance and to obtain the final desired color.

Pseudo Elastic Properties

Our layers of protection expand and contract naturally with the wood to prevent any cracking, peeling and flaking of the finish.


No Chalking or Fading

Unlike other finishes, our product protects from UV damage preventing the onset of a degraded finish.

Proven Performance

GreenLight Coating’s® Rustic Exterior System has undergone both extensive laboratory and field application testing. Independent Lab Testing recognizes the Rustic Exterior  System as having the best weathering characteristics of any finish in its class

Environmentally Complimentary and Safe

The unique waterborne nature of the Rustic Exterior System permits easy clean-up with water while the finish is still wet. Our ZERO HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutants) CONTENT makes the Rustic Exterior System the choice for safety and the environment and gives you the flexibility to distribute and store the product without hazardous material restrictions.

Finishes to fit the performance and aesthetic needs of your product and your process, not the other way around.