Benefits Of Wood Coatings

A high quality wood coatings benefits wood in two basic ways: protection and decoration. Protection means protection from moisture, either in a liquid or vapor form (humidity), or protection from scratches, dirt, and wear. The thicker the finish, the more moisture-resistant it is.

GreenLight Coatings® offers a comprehensive line of Wood Coatings that meet or exceed quality currently found when using conventional solvent finishes!

  • •  Reportedly the best quality coatings on the market
  • •  Quality meeting or exceeding that of solvent finishes
  • •  Advanced technical support & service enabling the transition away from conventional finishing
  • •  Customized products to fit specific requirements via ASAC® Technology
  • •  Efficient and simple application with excellent transfer efficiency
  • •  Perfect stain or paint color match capabilities
  • •  Low gloss/high gloss capabilities


    We do not offer “off the shelf” finishes, we provide results. Great Chemistry is more than just better science, it’s how we work with our customers to provide solutions that differentiate your business, enhance your production and safety, and improve profitability.


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