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ASAC® TechnologyGreenLight Coatings® produce low to zero volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and are engineered to conform to specific customer process capabilities, conditions, and substrates. Therefore, they are unique in the marketplace and are referred to as “Application Specific Advanced Coatings®” or simply “ASAC®”. 

All GreenLight Coatings® products are developed/engineered using statistical experimental design to specifically conform to customer originated specifications.  This assures that they are representative of the latest in state of the art for “Green” alternatives to conventional coatings and will conform to regulatory actions and global situations.

GreenLight Coatings® Products offer unparalleled:

* Customization
* Performance
* Service

Customers receive:

* Productivity
* Predictability
* Reliability
* Cost-effectiveness

Enhance Your Finishing Experience Using GreenLight Coatings®

GreenLight Coatings® succeeds in partnership with the customer through an iterative cycle of:

* Service to the finisher with comprehensive technical support within their process environment
* Formulation of coatings specific to their unique requirements
* Integration of the developed coating into their process operation, and
* Continued product/process improvement

This approach has proven to be of high value to numerous industrial finishing customers and of great active interest to new potential customers. The industrial finisher ultimately experiences improved efficiencies, lower reject ratios, and significant cost savings. Finally, they recognize and value their relationship with GreenLight Coatings®.