Exterior Stains

About Exterior Waterborne Stains

We offer custom color-matched semi-transparent and opaque, pigmented waterborne stains.  Our exterior stains have been engineered to provide the ultimate in performance and beauty.  They outperform all competitive systems tested, oil-based or waterborne in composition.  Our stains are part of an exterior system, and they require an additional exterior topcoat application – based on your application, we will work with you to determine the most effective coating system that provides the protection you need.

As with all stain applications, the final color will vary depending on wood type, preparation, age, condition, and the process used to apply the stain. The stain color remains consistent for years of enjoyment on wood and many wood composite surfaces.

The GreenLight® Coating stains can be easily applied by spray and wipe, spray-no-wipe, brush, roll, and other methods of application.

Once applied, they dry fast, usually under 1 hour, and when combined with one of our exterior topcoat applications, it offers excellent water repellency and protection from rain, ice, snow, and the effects of intense UV from the sun.

Finishes to fit the performance and aesthetic needs of your product and your process, not the other way around.