We Have So Much to Celebrate!

As we wrap up the year, we would like to take a moment to celebrate a couple of incredible milestones that we reached this year. 

Milestone 1: Successful Stage 2 ISO 9001:2015 audit completed

Milestone 2: Our 30-year anniversary as a company

We are proud to be of service and support to the paint and coatings industry as a manufacturer of Application Specific Advanced Coatings™.

Joining us in our on-site celebration, a few weeks ago, were the following key organizations who have contributed greatly to our ongoing success: 

Enterprise Minnesota – Thank you for guiding us through the ISO 9001 certification process!

Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office – Thank you for presenting us with a letter of recognition!

Natural Resources Research Institute of the University of Minnesota – Duluth – Thank you for your valued support!

Northland Foundation – Thank you for all your assistance over the years!

National Bank of Commerce – Thank you for your belief in our mission!

And most importantly:

Thank you to all of our employees. Without them, we would not have made it this far. 

Our President, Larry Van Iseghem, expressed great appreciation to all those who have contributed to the company’s success, especially its employees, at the celebration event. 

He shared the wisdom of his mentor during the formation of the company, Dr. Ernie Breton, a former DuPont technologist. Ernie said, “Just stay in the game. You don’t focus on winning, focus on not losing. If you’re in it long enough, you’ll win.”

Larry added that, “… focusing on the success of those we serve will keep us in the game. Keep doing that, and we are sure to succeed and ultimately win.”

We look forward to continued growth by providing the highest quality products, service and support to all of our valued customers and clients. Please reach out if we can assist you with any upcoming projects.



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