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Our exclusive ASAC® Technology has enabled the development of high-performance Waterborne & UV Curable Coatings for Metal Surfaces that provide exceptional finish appearance with excellent adhesion. These coatings are available in clear or pigmented options and allow for many other performance criteria including corrosion resistance and flexibility.  GreenLight Coatings® sealers offer the perfect balance of Performance and Environmental Sustainability to allow conformance to the program requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), Greenseal, and LEED.  

Waterborne & UV Curable Metal Coatings Application Tech Tips

The GreenLight Coatings® waterborne and UV curable metal coatings can be either ambient air dry or thermal cure in nature. Recommended application methods can range from high-speed roll coating tor spray methods and even other methods both in automated and manual form. Drying can be accomplished in ambient conditions and by special industrial oven conditions including bake for thermoset properties. Check with Van Technologies to discuss your specific application needs.

GL-2874 Waterborne Acrylic

GL-2874 is a self-crosslinking waterborne arcylic ideal for metal applications.  GL-2874 exhibits excellent adhesion on direct-to-metal applications.  Can be used when texturized and metallic pigments are desired.


The VanAqua-7800 is a high gloss, thermoset acrylic water-based coating. It displays exceptional density and adhesion to most clean metal surfaces with good corrosion and weathering resistance, and excellent flash rust resistance on carbon steel surfaces. Although designed for high-speed roll coating, it has been successfully applied by spray coatings and other methods of application may also be used. VanAqua-7800 should be dried at temperatures between ambient and 200° F and cured at temperatures above 325º F. Typical processes use progressively increased temperatures to facilitate a smooth transition from drying to curing. Exceptionally rapid drying is possible, but is dependent on the type of heat source and air circulation used. VanAqua-7800 can be manufactured in a number of different colors, clears, metallics and textures.

Radur 3013 UV Curable Pigmented Coating

Thin-film applications, high opacity

Radur 3016 UV Curable DTM Coating

Radur 3016 is an environmentally compliant UV curable urethane coating. Radur 3016 cures rapidly and passes crosshatch tape tests to a number of metal surfaces, including brass, without the need for a primer. Radur 3016 will provide a durable, clear, impact-resistant surface that protects the brass from tarnishing and abrasion. This coating can be easily sprayed, dipped, or curtain coat applied. Modifications of this formulation are possible.