Rustic System

About Exterior Rustic Systems

The GL-6400/6800 Sealer/Topcoat System is a 3-Coat System that is tinted and colored using the highest quality, UV absorbing colorants available on the planet!  They are then enhanced by the use of additional UV absorbers and stabilizers.  It is a fast-drying system that is exceptionally healthy for the environment and can even be cleaned up with water unless, of course, it is dried.  When dry, it exhibits barrier properties to the harshest environmental conditions to keep your exterior surfaces beautiful for years to come.

Rustic Series Topcoat Color Palette


Custom color-matching is also available.

Exterior Base Coat GL-6400

Exterior Top Coat GL-6800

Application Instructions

Rustic System Application Tech Tips

  1. A 3-Coat System – The GL-6400 tinted basecoat-sealer followed by two applications of the GL-6800 tinted or solid color 6800 topcoats.
  2. Tinted and Colored Using Transparent Iron Oxide Colorant which offers the maximum UV blocking power to prevent the deterioration of the siding structure.
  3. Fast Drying – Each coat application ranges from ½ hour to one hour depending on temperature and relative humidity.
    Environmentally Responsible and the clear choice for safety and the environment.
  4. Clean Up with Water – The unique waterborne nature of the GL system permits easy clean up with water.
  5. Non-Flammable/Non-Hazardous
  6. Longest Lasting System Available – The GL-6400/6800 Exterior System performance exceeds the industry’s leading products in waterbased, oil-based, or solvent-based forms. It has passed the “Test of Time” on structures North – South – East – West and is guaranteed to last for 5 years!

NOTE: Color may vary from published images due to print or electronic image quality and due to the natural variability in wood and other substrates to which the finish system is applied.