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Plastic & Carbon Composite & Fiberglass Coatings

The GreenLight Coatings® plastic and composite coatings produced by Van Technologies support a wide variety of surfaces including an array of plastic types but also carbon and fiberglass composites.  They all allow for maximum adhesion of applied topcoats.  Whether it is a polyurethane, epoxy, polyester or acrylic acylate composition or a waterborne acrylic or polyurethane composition, there are options that are easily applied and cured under ambient conditions or by UV or thermal cure processing.  Exceptional flow and leveling are hallmarks of the products to provide surface finish free of defects and pinholes that can create difficulties in final finish appearance.

We offer a wide range of plastic and composite coatings, please call us today at 888.826.9484 for more information on specific products or custom plastic or composite coating solutions.

Waterborne & UV Curable Plastic Coatings Application Tech Tips

Due to the multitude of possible applications among the variety of GreenLight Coatings® available, it is recommended to contact Van Technologies to discuss your specific requirements.

Some of our most popular plastic coating formulations are:

The GL Composite & Plastic Coatings Series

  •  GL-4862 is a waterbased urethane for polycarbonate applications. A one-coat application with excellent clarity that is non-yellowing with the option to produce a high gloss. GL4862 offers excellent scratch-resistance for a high-performance, durable finish.
  • GL-5511 is 100% active (solid) UV curable gel filler that allows for excellent surface preparation of carbon and fiberglass composites. It cures rapidly and sands easily.
  • GL-5830 Series are UV curable aliphatic urethane coatings that exhibit a high degree of gloss, clarity and non-yellowing properties. They have been designed to be easily sprayed, dipped, or brushed and have excellent leveling properties. The GL-5830 series are all high solids coatings and are engineered to be very impact resistant and durable with exceptional scuff and mar resistance. They are ultra-low V.O.C. and H.A.P. UV topcoats and exhibit excellent coverage on a number of plastics and composites. The GL-5830 Series cure very rapidly with available high-intensity UV lamps.
  • GL-5832 FRB is unique in providing excellent fire retardant properties.
  • GL-5895 is a polyester acrylate composition designed for general finishing and can be used on a number of plastic surfaces such as polycarbonate, ABS, and polystyrene. It is unique in being adaptable for low sheen applications without the tendency to exhibit orange peel. It is very economical and is also an excellent choice for anti-glare surfaces for displays and panels. It exhibits a fast cure speed and the resulting product has excellent adhesion, durability, and provides a balance of superior hardness and flexibility

The Radur Plastic & Composite Coating Series

  • Radur-5010 is a 100% active (solid) clear acrylic composition that exhibits excellent adhesion to plastics and metalized plastic surfaces. Originally designed as a clear protective UV curable lacquer for the aluminized layer of CD’s, Radur-5010 is over coatable and can effectively print with excellent inter-coat adhesion.   
  • Radur-5010 can be effectively reduced with acetone for viscosity reduction and ease in processing.
  • Radur-5012 developed as a coating for reflective inset road pavers. Exceptional all-weather performance and the ability to provide scratch-resistance under extreme conditions.
  • Radur-1050 is a 100% active (solid) clear polyurethane acrylate composition that exhibits exceptional flow and leveling when sprayed to a multitude of plastic surfaces. It was initially engineered for the protection of ThermoPlastic Polyolefin recreation vehicle body surfaces and exhibits remarkable flexibility and scratch resistance between temperatures from 0º F to 150º + F. The gloss can be adjusted as desired. Radur-1050 also performs well on other plastic surfaces as well as carbon and fiberglass composites.
  • Radur-1060 is a 100% active (solid) clear polyurethane acrylate composition that exhibits exceptional flow and leveling when applied to carbon fiber composite surfaces and exhibits excellent adhesion. It exhibits very good flexibility in combination with scratch-resistant properties.
    Radur-1070 is very similar to Radur-1050 but has been modified specifically for application to carbon composite surfaces. It is available as a clear or pigmented (colored) coating for decorative and protective purposes. Adhesion is excellent to the epoxy resin content of carbon 3 composites and care should be taken to prevent excessive sanding in surface preparation to allow sufficient epoxy surface content for maximum adhesion.