About GL-6400 Exterior Rustic System Basecoat

GL-6400 is a waterborne exterior acrylic basecoat or sealer that is ultra low in volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and contains zero hazardous air pollutants (HAP’s).  The chemistry of the GL-6400 is based on exterior grade acrylic polymers and the use of UV absorbers to ensure color fastness.  This basecoat is intended to serve as the underlying layer for both the semi-transparent and opaque pigmented GL-6800 topcoats.  Lastly, it also contains a fungicide/mildewcide to protect and preserve the quality of the wood being treated.

For the maximum protection from the elements, our GL-6400 basecoat is designed to work in conjunction with our Ultra Low VOC GL-6800 Topcoat.

Basecoat Application Tech Tips

The GL-6400 basecoat is supplied “ready to use”. In the event reduction is desired, the use of water is recommended. It is strongly suggested to contact Van Technologies for information concerning any corrective, and/or modifying actions. The GL-6400 basecoat can be applied by spray, brush, vacuum or flow coating methods, although other methods may be appropriate. It minimizes grain raise effect and the applied basecoat will dry within 30 to 45 minutes under normal temperature and humidity.

General Facts

The GL-6400/6800 Sealer/Topcoat System is:

  1. A 3-Coat System: The 6400 tinted basecoat-sealer is applied in one single coat followed by two topcoat applications of the tinted 6800 topcoat. This is consistent with the recommended application procedure of competitive systems.
  2. Tinted and Colored Using Transparent Iron Oxide Colorants: The use of transparent Iron Oxide colorants promotes the UV blocking power of the coatings and prevents UV degradation of the wood surface and thus deterioration of the log siding structure.
  3. Enhanced by the Use of UV Absorbers and Free Radical Scavengers: UV light promotes wood fiber degradation by energetically interacting with the chemistry of the wood. Free radicals can form in this degradation process and promote more rapid deterioration. The use of UV absorbers assists the transparent iron oxide UV blocking potential and the scavenging of free radical promotes the structural integrity of the wood.
  4. Fast Drying: Typical dry times for each coat application ranges from 1⁄2 hour to one hour depending on temperature and relative humidity. Compare this to the minimum of 4 hours to 8 hours for the major competitive systems available (Sikken’s Cetol 1/23 system and Messmer’s Gold).
  5. Environmentally Responsible: The VOC content of the GL-6400 sealer is 0.26 lb/gal (less water) and the VOC content of the GL- 6800 is 1.85 lb/gal, and both products are zero in HAP content! Compare this to the VOC content of the major competitive systems: Sikken’s @ 4.20 lb/gal and Messmer’s @ 2.90 lb/gal. This makes the GL system the system of choice for safety and the environment.
  6. Cleaned Up with Water: The unique waterborne nature of the GL system permits easy clean up with water. However, should the coatings dry before clean-up is complete; they are very tough to remove from clothing and other surfaces. Traditional paint thinners may be required for removal of stains.
  7. Has a Non-Flammable/Non-Hazardous Status: Another feature of the GL waterborne system is that it is easy to ship, use and dispose of due to its non-flammability and non-hazardous status.
  8. Excellent in Accelerated Weathering Testing Performance: The GL-6400/6800 Exterior System has performed remarkably well in accelerated weathering testing via the method of ASTM G53! Its’ superior characteristics were not even matched by the industries leading products in waterbased, oil-based, or solvent-based forms. Although accelerated testing does not provide accurate “real world” predictions, it has passed the “Test of Time” on structures North – South – East – West and is guaranteed to last for 5 years!